The mining town of Goodsprings, Nevada is home to the world famous Pioneer Saloon. Through the years, the old saloon has been featured in countless movies, documentaries and television shows. In fact, much of the decor that graces movie and TV screens sits around the bar and hangs on the pressed tin walls to this day. Original newspaper clippings tell story after story of the incredible history of this legendary saloon, from its old western mining days gone by, right up through present day events.

The Pioneer is where silver screen star Clark Gable sat and drank at the bar for 2 days awaiting news about his beautiful wife Carol Lombard. Sadly, Lombard was killed in a plane crash in 1942 on Mt. Potosi located 5 miles directly behind the bar.

According to the History Channel, there are three ghosts that haunt the 100 year old saloon and gallery. The Pioneer houses bullet holes in the side of the building and a coroners’ letter describing how they were created. The old bar is said to be "haunted" by the gun shot victim's ghost, as well as the spirit of an old miner, and the ghost of movie star Carol Lombard who is believed to haunt the women’s’ restroom. Over the years, all 3 ghosts have been seen by many employees and saloon visitors alike.

Recently the saloon was featured on The Travel Channel TV show Ghost Adventures. During their all night “Lockdown” the show’s hosts, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin not only made contact with the known resident spirits, but discovered a fourth specter named Ruby. Since that show aired countless requests have been made by people who want to be locked down in this world famous landmark and experience its’ haunted secrets.

Now you too can experience the thrill of being locked down from Midnight until 4:00 AM inside the spooky and haunted Pioneer Saloon. Use our Ghost Hunting equipment or bring your own.

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